Birgit Richards

Building Biologist

IBN (Institute of Building Biology and Sustainability)

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Birgit has over 8 years of experience in finding solutions for poor indoor air quality. Her own journey with chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivities has lead her to help clients create healthy indoor environments.

Birgit's qualifications and training include:

  • IICRC Applied Microbial Technician AMRT 2021
  • Introduction to Principles of Occupational
    Hygiene AIOH 2021
  • Gas Test and Permit Issuer 2020
  • Conduct Asbestos Assessment associated with
    Removal 2020
  • Meth Decontamination 2019
  • NIOSH 9111 Methamphetamine Residue Sampling
  • IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician WRT
  • Certified Mould Testing Technician 2019
  • Introduction to Microbial Remediation 2018
  • Air Sampling (ACES), 2014
  • Advanced Building Biology Testing Methods –
    Air Sampling IBN, 2014
  • Building Biology – Residential Assessments,
    Building Biology Association, Germany 2011
  • Electricity Fundamentals and Electrobiology
    ACES 2009
  • Building Biology Seminar – Construction and
    Building Design, Materials, Energy Efficiency Concepts, Standard of Building
    Biology Testing Methods IBN, 2010
  • Introduction to Building biology Testing
    Methods IBN, 2010
  • Building Biology Qualification Institute for
    Building Biology and Sustainability IBN, Germany 2011/11
  • Cert. Electromagnetic Field-Testing ACES 2010
  • Introduction to Sick Building Syndrome ACES,

Industry Experience

  • Working as a building biologist in own business between 2011 and 2019
  • Electromagnetic field assessments in the residential and commercial sector, Europe and Australia
  • Assessment of 1000+ residential properties in Australia for hazards associated with Sick Building Syndrome, including fungal and microbial contamination, allergens, chemical pollutants, dust and particles, heavy metals, contaminants associated with traffic pollution (DEP, particulate matter, ultrafine particles, etc.), VOCs, gasses, electromagnetic fields associated with transformers, substations, power lines; radiation from wireless emitters;
  • Inspection of commercial sites for hazards including air pollutants and electromagnetic fields (LF and RF); Clients including Government Departments, Construction companies, Energy Supply companies, Training Organizations, small, medium and large business premises;
  • Creating and running workshop for Building Biology professionals (Melbourne)
  • Working in close cooperation with Restoration and Disaster Recovery Company from 2016, leading to full-time Employment in 2019
  • Development of Scope of Works for Mould and Fire Remediation, and Meth decontamination for residential properties
  • Development of Scope of Works for Mould Remediation projects for commercial properties
  • Team leader and supervisor on restoration projects after fire and flood events, as well as sewer contamination
  • Team leader on clinical cleans for hospitals including high risk areas such as operating theatres
  • Project management for mould remediation projects including residential and commercial projects (schools, libraries, aged care facilities, apartment buildings)
  • PRV testing following mould remediation projects after fire, mould, illicit drug and sewer decontamination projects
  • Mould investigations as IEP for commercial and residential properties
  • Consulting Building biologist on new building projects clients with environmental illnesses

Book a Building Biologist Mould Inspection

If you would like to request Birgit Richards for your mould inspection, please inform our IECL staff.

A mould inspection may include:

  • Humidity levels inside and outside
  • Mould sampling - air and surface
  • Scope on mould remediation
  • Onsite visit and consultation
  • Report on what can be causing the mould
  • Investigation inside and outside the property for water damage and leaks
  • Thermal images and moisture levels
  • EMF testing can be conducted if requested

New Zoom Virtual Mould Inspections by Building Biologist

As of January 2021 we will be offering Zoom Consultations. We can send out a DIY test kit for you to take the mould samples. We can also conduct the mould inspection via Zoom. This is handy for rural clients or for clients outside of the South East QLD.

Any Questions Regarding Mould Inspections?

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