Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

The indoor air quality in the home or office can have a profound effect on the productivity and health of your team. It can affect the ability to concentrate and finish tasks. This can cause more employee sick days and lost resources.

What causes poor indoor air quality?

  • Temperature variances and HVAC air conditioning system not installed property
  • Sewer gasses from lift well
  • Mould Issues
  • Humidity in property too high
  • VOC off gassing from furniture and building materials
  • Carbon Monoxide C02 and Carbon Dioxide C02

Types of Air Testing

  • Moisture Testing and thermal imaging (Humidity and material moisture testing) - finding of source
  • Mould analysis - to find severity of contamination
  • Carbon dioxide, monoxide and VOC's
  • Remote indoor air quality monitoring, set up to find variances during the day
Mould Samping

Mould Spore Count

C02 Meter

C02 & VOC Meter

What are the most common indoor air pollutants in the office?

  • Poor airflow caused by tight building envelope and unbalanced air-conditioning systems
  • Sewer Gases
  • Odour from bacteria from bottom of lift well
  • Mould spores caused by moisture ingress issues
  • Dust in the air which is caused by other activities
  • Humidity levels not being managed
  • VOC's caused by building materials and office furnishings
  • Airborne printer toner

Book Your Indoor Air Quality Test

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